How to create a home based fashion business

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Would you like to start a business from home?

Selling fashion products (clothing, shoes, accessories) can be a profitable business, if you do it the right way.

With this book, you can start a business with the best possible conditions.

Most of the advice we see on the internet is about the technical part. But this is only a small part of the work that you have to develop.

It's not enough to create a website, virtual store, or Facebook page. The hardest part, and few explain, is how to create a business where people want to buy.

In this book, apart from the technical part, you'll learn everything else that is necessary to create a fashion business from home in a very profitable way.

Here are some things you'll learn from this book:

  • The real reason why customers are looking for fashion products, and how you can have an advantage over the large chain stores. Page 3
  • The 3 challenges you'll have. Page 8
  • The 2 strategies to have a successful business that doesn't depend on spending a lot of money on advertising. Page 10
  • How to create a slogan so you can know what to do, whenever you have doubts. Page 21
  • Where to get the products. Page 34
  • A secret to buying high quality products at lower prices. Page 38
  • Advice on importing products. Page 41
  • How to dramatically improve products. Page 43
  • Why do you need to know whom to sell. Page 47
  • What personas are, and how they help conquer the customer. Page 49
  • How to choose a brand name. Page 54
  • There are two mistakes you have to avoid making when creating a brand. Page 56
  • Where to find someone to design a logo for less than $20. Page 57
  • Where to sell your products (including free ways to sell). Page 59
  • Alternative ways to sell outside the internet. Page 70
  • The formula to calculate the price at which you should sell your products. Page 72
  • When can you increase the price. Page 73
  • How to use crowdfunding to fund your business, and make sure it will make a profit. Page 78
  • What banners are. Why you'll need many. And where to get free images. Page 84
  • The secret to making a description of a product that really persuades customers to buy. Page 90
  • Tips for taking pictures. Page 94
  • How to create your own labels. Page 104
  • How to create a free blog. Page 108
  • Advice to sell on Etsy. Page 110
  • How to promote your business. And also what to promote (and most people don't even think about it). Page 113
  • And much more

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How to create a home based fashion business

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